PRESS RELEASE – Titan Airways signs up for Aviolinx’s Airline Management system – RAIDO

(STOCKHOLM) Aviolinx is delighted to announce that Titan Airways has signed up for its Airline Management System – RAIDO, for both flight and crew management.
Titan Airways is the latest airline that comes to Aviolinx in order to get the very latest in technology and airline management support.

RAIDO Cloud is a web based application that has been developed in HTML 5. Therefore it only needs an internet browser in order for the user to get access to the system, whether that be Crew Planning, Commercial Management, Operations Control, Crew at home, Catering or handling agent. This provides the airline with significant benefits both in cost and flexibility in system distribution.

RAIDO covers all your planning and operational needs for aircraft and crew. It has been developed on a single database and allows the business to choose to use one or all of the available user platforms; RAIDO Earth (Desktop version: To be release Q4 2014), RAIDO Cloud (web based version) and RAIDO Fire (mobile / smart phone).

About Aviolinx
Aviolinx started out providing communication services on HF radio to the aviation community in 1968. Since then, the company has grown into a full service aviation communication provider developing innovative products and services designed specifically for the aviation industry. Its goal is to put our clients in complete control of a more efficient operation. Aviolinx’s Head Office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Malmö Sweden, Poland, Ukraine and UK. To learn more about Aviolinx and its array of products and services, please visit:

About Titan Airways
Since its foundation in 1988, Titan Airways has grown into the UK’s most prestigious charter airline, specialising in bespoke air charter, tour operator programmes and high end / corporate air travel as well as airline sub charter and aircraft leasing. It brings the very best standards of care and comfort to all its passengers. Once safely aboard, they can relax and enjoy our superb in-flight service and a wide choice of cuisine and fine wines to complete the experience. Titan’s modern, reliable aircraft can operate from all major international and regional airports day and night, 365 days a year.
A variety of customers which include national flag carriers and regional airlines throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide, major car companies, investment houses, football teams, cruise lines, tour operators, aircraft manufacturers, the corporate entertainment industry to name but a few use Titan Airways services on a regular basis.
Titan Airways have established themselves as one of the leading charter airlines in Europe. Famous for its ability to provide an aircraft at very short notice, many of the leading airlines in Europe call upon Titan Airways to provide an instant operational solution.
For more information about Titan Airways please see: