PRESS RELEASE – SmartLynx go live with Fatigue Monitoring Tool

(STOCKHOLM) Historically, the aviation industry has taken a regulatory approach to fatigue prevention through the use of flight and duty time limitations, known as FTL Scheme’s. This is done by limiting the number of hours’ aircrew can work and specifying the minimum rest time which is required before commencement of each flight duty period.

Over the past 6 months Aviolinx has worked closely with SmartLynx Airlines to development an integrated Fatigue Monitoring Tool (FMT). The system works alongside the normal FTL rules as an aggregated scoring system within Raido and the results are validated in real time against a company defined fatigue score.

It is hoped that with the introduction of the monitoring tool it will increase crew member alertness, create a better work life balance amongst crews and a reduction in absenteeism attributed to fatigue. In addition to this, the FMT may facilitate increased productivity and rostering flexibility. This real-time FMT will provide numerous warnings to the user; via warning flags, via the Task List Manager, via detailed legal checks and severity colour coded reports.

Sigurdur Hrafn Gislason (Safety & Security Director) said, “We are extremely happy with the Raido implementation of the FRMS. Fatigue is represented in a clear, visual manner, making it easy for every planner to plan in accordance with best FRMS practices.”