PRESS RELEASE – Smartlynx Airlines has signed up for Aviolinx

(STOCKHOLM) Smartlynx Airlines has now signed up for Aviolinx’ Airline Management system – RAIDO to handle their schedule/operations, and crew planning/operation. The implementation project will start in October 2014, and it is anticipated that they will be live in RAIDO by March 2015.

RAIDO is the latest generation of airline software for all business and operational requirements, designed to cover the entire planning chain, from creation of schedules and crew rosters, to daily flight/crew operations control and beyond. There are also plans underway for a fully integrated network analysis tool to be included in RAIDO. Its integral business engine is unique in the marketplace, with a dynamic GUI, automated tasking, intuitive reporting tools and more. RAIDO is an acronym for: Rule driven, Automation, Integration, Dynamic and Optimization.

Joakim Andersson, CEO for Aviolinx stated: “Aviolinx has been working together with Smartlynx Airlines for some time, analysing their needs, and running workshops, to be sure that both companies are on the same page in terms of functional needs and the RAIDO implementation. I am very happy that Smartlynx Airlines have chosen Aviolinx as its preferred solution provider. Welcome to Aviolinx! We look forward to working with you!

About Aviolinx
Aviolinx started out providing communication services on HF radio to the aviation community in 1968. Since then, the company has grown into a full service aviation communication provider developing innovative products and services designed specifically for the aviation industry. Its goal is to put our clients in complete control of a more efficient operation. Aviolinx’s Head Office is situated in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in Malmö Sweden, Poland, Ukraine and UK. To learn more about Aviolinx and its array of products and services, please visit:

About Smartlynx Airlines
SmartLynx Airlines is airline based in Riga, Latvia. They have a fleet of 11 Airbus A320 aircraft and operate wet lease (ACMI) services and passenger charter flights on a worldwide basis. The Smartlynx brand focuses on providing smart solutions in a ‘business to business’ niche market. ‘Lynx’ which is both a wildcat specific to Latvia and a star constellation, was chosen as a symbol to represent these values. For more information about Smartlynx Airlines please see: