PRESS RELEASE – Austrian Airlines has signed up for RAIDO

Aviolinx is delighted to announce that Austrian Airlines has signed up for RAIDO. Austrian Airlines will be the first customer to use RAIDO in terms of airport management support and Handling Agent planning. The implementation process is in its most intensive phase and it’s anticipated that Austrian will be using RAIDO for their ground staff rosters by January 2016. 

RAIDO will manage Austrian Airlines manpower planning and be in control of a total number of 900 handling agents at the Austrian airports (Vienna, Innsbruck, Linz, Salzburg and Klagenfurt). 
Some of the features include:
Assigning Airport tasks to shifts to cover the demand of qualified agents
Shift Request Module 
Vacation Bidding Module
Payroll integration to SAP
Legality engine managing union rules and working time regulations

Joakim Andersson CEO at Aviolinx says “We are very excited over this new business area where RAIDO has the potential of being a ‘big player’ in the field of airport management support and the planning of handling agents. Although originally developed for managing flying crew, we always knew that RAIDO’s unique, flexible rule engine had many positive synergies for ground staff as well.”

Hans Berr, Team Leader Personnel Planning at Austrian Airlines says: “Approximately 12 months ago, we were tasked to source a new software provider that offers a flexible system, and a company with a modern, fresh approach to the business. We selected Aviolinx as our preferred system provider as we could clearly see many benefits of RAIDO that fit our needs for a manpower planning system. The project is going very well so far and we look forward to working with Aviolinx in the years to come.”