RAIDO Crew Management

Crew Management

Long term Crew Management consists of pairing planning and crew planning. Pairings can either be imported from other systems, created manually in RAIDO or by using the RAIDO Pairing Optimizer. The Pairing Optimizer has a GUI for defining all parameters as well as selecting/ignoring certain rules that should be used in the pairing optimizer run. Parameters can be saved into templates, making the setup fast for next time the user runs the optimizer.

Crew Schedules/Rosters can be built manually by the user either using legs or pairings, or automatically by using the Auto Rostering function in RAIDO. The Auto Rostering tool can build crew rosters based on pairings by using multiple user-defined fairness parameters, ensuring a fair roster in combination with multiple patterns.

RAIDO and its rules engine have a flexible Crew Training Document Management system where a user can define different types of crew documents, heads-up times as well as grace-periods and prolong times. Crew Documents can be either manually updated or semi-automatic using the HR Wizard that scans the system for training activities in crew schedules which are set to update and prolong one or several Crew Expiry Documents.

The Training Concept in RAIDO allows the user to manage training facilities, training sessions, training patterns as well as a Training Wizard which can be used to match students and instructors with training sessions.


Daily Crew Operations

The Crew Gantt in RAIDO provides the user with an intuitive overview of the crew members and their duties. As RAIDO is a one-database solution with a common rule engine, any update for a flight leg will instantly update assigned crew members and trigger automatic legality calculations, which gives the user a real-time monitoring with the ability to be pro-active for future issues.

Key features


Integrated Fatigue Risk Management Calculations in real-time

Dynamic Reporting

Configure Dynamic Reports with automatic generation and distribution capabilities. 

Crew Mobile Access

Mobile access for crew to perform  Checkin (with geofencing), Trip Trade, Open Time, Roster View, Confirm Revisons, Expiry Documents and Payroll view


Using the RAIDO API makes it easy and smooth to integrate to 3rd party systems or inhouse applications 

Auto Rostering

Create fair, legal and high quality Crew Rosters with Auto Rostering. Our point-based fairness setup enables prioritizing KPIs such as BLH, Duty, Work day Patterns, Off day distribution and destination fairness


Automate manual time consuming processes such as Roster Revision handling, Report Generation and Distribution, Crew APIS and GenDec Generation as well as sending reminders to Crew for Passport/Licenses/Medical Renewals

Flexible Rule Engine

Flexible rule engine allows not only real-time monitoring of FTL schemes such as FAR 117/121, EASA-FTL and more, but also Union Rules, Payroll/Per Diems, Company Policy Rules, Cosmic Radiation Exposure, FRMS as well as Crew Training Documents

Training Management

Training Concept in RAIDO enables efficient planning and utilization of Training Facilities, Instructors and Students where both initial and recurrent training events can be both scheduled and tracked.