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A company is only ever as good as the people who work for it, so we understand that it is essential to have the right team. Our creative team has a very wide spectrum of both industry and technical competence and expertise, derived from many years of working in the business of aviation. So we are not just solution providers but skilled aviation professionals, with the inspiration, the passion and the aptitude to succeed. We know our customers’ needs, we understand our market, and we know how to provide you with the right products and services to make your business successful.

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Our primary focus

Our primary focus is to make a difference in delivering real time data to a wide variety of areas within the airline industry. With dynamic solutions using cutting edge technology to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, we aim to assist airlines and airport facilities to substantially reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.

Our products: a comprehensive suite of airline system software and services that handles all your business and operational requirements, putting you in complete control of your business. We are both proud and happy to have a large number of the world’s major airlines among our customers.


RAIDO is the next generation Flight and Crew Management system and is designed to be a ‘single source’ solution providing harmonized access for all core business processes in one place and with one solution. This removes the need for time consuming and inefficient manual processes, or integrations between multiple disparate systems. It provides one core solution that brings robust automation, flexibility, increased efficiency and the tools to evaluate and plan for the future.

Operations Control

RAIDO offers effective decision support tools, enabling you to continuously monitor and react to operational developments in real-time.  Utilizing the event driven logic, customized messaging and reports can be created and delivered for each kind of operational event automatically.

Crew Control/Planning

RAIDO’s crew management solution meets the needs of all kinds of airline business models, so you will be able to efficiently manage crew resources in both the long and short term, such as: Crew Pairing optimization, Auto Rostering, Training Management, real-time system alerting for unqualified or illegal crew, Daily Crew Operations, and Disruption Management.


Combining efficiency and high utilization while covering operational needs always has been the main focus in aviation. This is why we developed state-of-the-art optimizers covering Tail Assignment and Flow management, Pairing Optimization and Auto Rostering. 

Flight Scheduling

Flight Schedule management within RAIDO is flexible and user configurable following the business standards such as IATA.

With RAIDO’s Schedule Gantt users can plan, modify and export/import schedules. Easy access to information including passenger bookings, crew flow and maintenance activities/MELs, enables maximum aircraft utilization schedule quality and fulfillment of company specific scheduling constraints using the Rule Engine.

Automation/Integration/Rule Engine

RAIDO Mimer is a powerful rule engine which not only ensures legal operation according to Aviation Authority Regulations such as EASA, FAR117/121 and Union/Company Agreements, but also guarantees an operation according to internal quality standards.

Utilizing the event driven logic, customized messaging and reports can be created and delivered for each kind of operational event automatically.


RAIDO enables 3 access points; RAIDO Desktop, RAIDO Web and RAIDO Mobile. Each access point uses the same database and same rule engine, ensuring one version of the truth.  


RAIDO caters to all types of airline business models, from national to low cost carriers, enabling airlines to efficiently manage operations and crew resources in both the long and short term.

  • Smartlynx choosed RAIDO for its flexibility, event-driven automation, integration capabilities via the flexible API, advanced reporting system and the Rules engine which allows us to work with many different rulesets at the same time

    Alina Balabanova
    Manager IT Operations, Smartlynx Ltd
  • RAIDO is a game-changer for a medium sized airline as ourselves, it allows efficiency gains through simple automation, but at the same time it is able to handle the complexity of a worldwide, multi-type, flexible-base operator such as Titan Airways

    Greg Holland
    Head of Operations, Titan Airways
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