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Stockholmradio HF Services are available to any registered airline or aircraft operator utilising aircraft fitted with HF radio installations.

Our customers range from major airlines to smaller corporate enterprises operating single pilot aircraft. The needs vary from user to user, but our ambition is to provide each customer with a high degree of dedication, efficiency and accuracy.

We are proud to be associated with several of the world's major airlines.


Our ambition is to assist Dispatchers in every possible to perform their duties. As a Dispatcher you need to receive the right information from your Flights in order to be able to perform an active Flight Watch. This means departure information as well as progress information, i.e. position reports. You also need the means to be able to communicate back to your Flight should the need arise.

Operating to scheduled stations you would probably receive arrival and departure information from your ground handlers without any problems. However, from ground stations served on a more Ad Hoc basis the delivery of such information might not be up to standard and your expectation. Instead of having to educate handlers at various stations to send you information in a timely manner, it is much easier if your crews passed the information through one channel, whatever the ground station, via HF radio to Stockholmradio.

By following this procedure:

  • You will have a one-stop-shop in order to get your information.
  • Your crews will become used to calling Stockholmradio.
  • Crews would routinely maintain SELCAL guard.

When you do not receive responses to your ACARS messages you have to find alternative ways to contact your crews. HF radio is the best alternative. Provided your crews are maintaining SELCAL guard one of our frequencies. If they do not, we will not be able to assist you the way you expect and that we would like. We therefore recommend that crews as a Standard Procedure establish SELCAL guard with us whenever in our Service Area provided it is not conflicting with ATC requirements.

Airline Pilots

As an Airline Pilot you may need to talk to your Ground Support in the event of a problem When this happens, you should do not want to be presented with yet another problem – How to establish contact?

If a Standard Procedure is followed whereby radio contact is established as soon as possible after take-off and SELCAL guard maintained throughout the flight, the problem of making contact when you need it the most is eliminated regardless of whether it is Air-to-Ground or Ground-to-Air.

Some airlines rely on ACARS and other automated systems for the communication of data between the Flight Deck and Dispatch/Operations. What happens when those systems fail? You would have to revert to another system, probably the HF radio. If you intend to use HF radio as a reliable fall-back, we strongly recommend its functionality be verified before it is needed.

Corporate Pilot

As a Corporate Pilot you are usually more on your own than an airline pilot. We envisage you would need to pass on your ETA to your destination together with requests for catering, transportation and HOTAC etc. Whether this information needs to be forwarded to your company, to the agent or to your trip handler, it is just one call to Stockholmradio away.

We can either set up a Phone Patch to the party nominated to assist you, or we can send them a message by Type-B, fax or e-mail with your requirements. You will probably also appreciate the fact that you can receive weather updates for your destination directly from us without any retrieval delay.

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