SATCOM - Satellite Tracking & Communication

Aviolinx is pleased to offer the complete line of Blue Sky Network tracking and communication solutions. Blue Sky Network is already the choice for Air Greenland, Bristow, and many other companies.

Using the Iridium satellite network, Blue Sky Network solutions capture and send both data and voice transmissions to and from anywhere in the world.

And with Blue Sky Network’s SkyRouter portal (shown below), you can view your assets in real time, create reports to improve operating efficiencies, update reporting parameters and adjust schedules in real time, and much more.

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SkyRouter SkyRouter: Track aircraft and assets on multiple maps, send/receive parameter updates, send/receive text messages, generate OOOI reports, and much more.

SkyRouter SkyRouter: Create virtual perimeters (geo-fences) around specific locations; create notifications when aircraft/asset enters or leaves area.

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