Technical Description

RAIDO will be available in the following platforms: Desktop (Earth), Web-browser (Cloud) and Mobile (Fire). All modules share the same database and business logic.

RAIDO EARTH - Desktop application (under development)
RAIDO's Desktop version will be built entirely on ‘Windows Presentation Foundation’ - (WPF). This state of the art technology uses an XAML language based user interface that is at the forefront of contemporary developmental software. It is very flexible, fast and compelling with a modern and intuitive GUI design.

RAIDO CLOUD - Web application
In terms of functionality and interaction, the RAIDO web version is rather similar to the RAIDO desktop. With RAIDO WEB you do not have to install anything on your computer or worry about platform compatibility issues. RAIDO WEB is available from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. This is particularly useful, for example, if you need to share information with your colleagues or even third parties.

RAIDO FIRE - Mobile application
Fast and effective information exchange is essential in a modern airline. The RAIDO Mobile platform, which may be used in conjunction with both desktop and mobile versions, will be necessarily a more slimmed down version, but the user will still have a rich assortment of functionality to choose from, and of course it available at any time wherever you are. RAIDO Mobile is designed specifically to improve the way your airline communicates both internally and externally. This is particularly useful when keeping in touch with your crew.


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