Aircraft Schedule Management

Long and short term schedule development and management is a very complex strategic element of profitable airline operations. With RAIDO’s powerful business logic tools, you will be able to automatically optimize your route network, taking into account such factors as: forecast cost and revenue, expected passenger demand, fleet and crew capacity, flight time limitations, code-share management, and much more.

RAIDO, as a decision support tool will be very flexible, so you can quickly and easily adjust and react to changing market demands to visualize, modify and optimize your route network. RAIDO will also help you to analyze, compare and produce alternative scheduling strategies, resulting in a more robust and profitable route network.

Another key feature in RAIDO is 3A - Automated Aircraft Availability. 3A is a unique marketing tool that automates processes for the Adhoc charter market, bringing aircraft charterers, tour operators and airlines closer together. Airlines can market and publish spare aircraft capacity in real time, so that other airlines, aircraft brokers and tour operators can easily see potential availability for aircraft chartering purposes.


  • Shared GUI/database environment with Operations and Crewing
  • Fleet and Route Network strategic construction and analysis.
  • Rotation optimiser
  • Cost and revenue management.
  • Import/export SSIM format files
  • Integrated messaging - send/receive – Type-B, SMS, Email.
  • Slot co-ordination management and monitoring.
  • Maintenance planning and calculation – interfaced with third-party maintenance systems.
  • Forecast/Actual passenger information
  • Code share management
  • 3A - Automated Aircraft Availability
  • Reporting engine
  • Business logic rule engine
  • "Event" driven task list and system alerts


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