Post Production

One of the most important parts of airline management, to improve productivity and efficiency, is the post production follow-up phase.

Comparing and analysing planned against actual operations is an integral part of the business and a necessary step when making important decisions about future production.

RAIDO's business logic and inbuilt rule-engine, together with extensive reporting analysis tools, helps you in post production to review your performance and identify areas for improvement or focus.


  • Comparison – Planned against actual outcome
    • Financial evaluation
    • Operational flight schedule
    • Crew utilization
    • Aircraft utilization
    • Planned and ad-hoc maintenance
  • Performance analysis
    • Irregular operations and disruptions
    • On-time performance
    • Passengers
    • Fuel uplift
    • Turn around delays – event flow: embarking, disembarking, re-fueling and catering etc
    • Maintenance
    • Documentation and reports
  • Conclusion – Better prepared for the next commercial planning phase.


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