Aircraft Operations Control

In a rapidly changing situational environment, the day-to-day running of airline operations can be very demanding. We understand the importance of complete proactive control of your operational situation, as it changes and develops. Flights can be delayed, diverted or cancelled due to air traffic restrictions, technical problems, adverse weather, or crew sickness etc.

RAIDO offers full operational decision support, enabling you to constantly monitor and react to operational developments in real-time.

RAIDO helps you to maintain the integrity of your flight schedule and quickly recover from any irregular operational disruptions.

With its powerful integral business logic, you will manage your fleet more efficiently and make the right financial and operational decisions for your airline.

The RAIDO Gantt displays flight information such as: departure/arrival information, delay reasons, adverse weather warnings, flight diversions, aircraft on ground, crew information, aircraft maintenance etc. Users can quickly and easily create, swap, move, and cancel flights interactively from the RAIDO Gantt. RAIDO also has sophisticated and flexible reporting tools, an integrated slot manager, send/receive message handling functionality and on-time performance tracking.

RAIDO will also feature a dynamic and rule based ‘Event Flow Manager’, which is completely user definable and is set up to suit your requirements. You can set up activities flow, using the RAIDO rule engine, and link it to a specific event. For more information, see "Automated"

Aircraft turn-around is monitored in RAIDO to greatly improve operational punctuality, resulting in lower costs and a better service to passengers. Time stamps will capture and display, in real time, each turn-around event, such as: embarking, disembarking, refueling and catering. RAIDO will identify and presents the root cause of delays, helping your airline quickly resolve any weak links in the turn-around.


  • Shared GUI/database environment with Commercial Planning and Crewing
  • Single/Multi day operations control – flight tracking
  • Tail assignment – create, swap, move, edit flights
  • Airport/ATC Slot Management (under development)
  • Integrated messaging - send/receive – Type-B, SMS, Email.
  • ACARS data link messaging - air-to-ground, ground-to-air (under development)
  • Maintenance Management – Track aircraft hours, cycles, checks etc
  • Load control – LDM
  • Curfew display
  • Aircraft Turn-Around Monitoring (under development)
  • Fuel data management (FMM) – analyse fuel uplift trends
  • Operational map display of flights. Real time flight tracking updated from ACARS
  • Crew and passenger flow display (under development)
  • On screen weather warning (against company minima)
  • Flexible reporting tools


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