Crew Management

One of the most cost sensitive areas for any airlines is of course, crew management. An airline not only needs to ensure their flights are covered by qualified and legal crew, but also that crew costs associated with crew assignment such as: hotel accommodation, crew transport and fatigue management etc, are all kept to a minimum. We understand that you need to analyze manpower demand, to have complete control over your crew utilization - pairings and assignment. We understand that you need to publish legal rosters, and have good two-way communication with your crew. We understand that you need to quickly and easily recover from operational disruptions to minimize costs, and maintain your network integrity.

RAIDO's crew management solution will meet the needs of all kinds of airline business models, so you will be able to efficiently manage crew resources in both the long and short term. These include: manpower demand analysis, crew pairing optimizer, crew assignment optimizer (rosters), training planning, system alerts for unqualified or illegal crew, daily crew operations, and disruption management.

Crew Planning

In the planning phase, RAIDO’s crew management solution will provide you with automated tools to: analyze manpower requirements, taking into consideration: vacation, training, transport and hotel bookings etc. You will be able to build optimum crew rosters that fulfill crew regulatory requirements and any union or company restrictions that are applicable.

RAIDO will generate optimized crew pairings, crew assignment, and creates/publishes legal crew rosters.

RAIDO will consider individual crew requests and preferences (soft rules) when building crew rosters.

RAIDO will optimize crew utilization using the following operational models: fair assignment, preferential and line bidding.

RAIDO will offer sophisticated and flexible system alerts and reporting functionality, helping you to keep track of: crew duties/rest, training, vacation, salaries, medical checks, passport expiry, fatigue management, cosmic radiation etc.


  • Shared environment with the Commercial Planning and Flight Operations
  • Manpower demand analysis
  • Create crew pairings
  • Create individual crew rosters.
  • Quality control
  • Crew utilization fully compliant with regulatory requirements, union or company agreements.
  • Incorporate crew requests and preferences into roster solutions.
  • Full tracking and system alerts for: recurrent training, salaries, expiries, vacation, days off etc.
  • Vacation module
  • Fatigue risk management
  • Sophisticated sending/receiving messaging system

Crewing – Daily operations

RAIDO's detailed split-screen Gantt will display both the flight schedule and assigned crew (and their air/ground duties) in real time. RAIDO provides decision support tools enabling you to easily react to disruptions due to irregular operations and short notice schedule changes. This will facilitate quick recovery of your route network integrity.

RAIDO will constantly check crew regulatory requirements to identify and generate system alerts for any illegal or unqualified crew. RAIDO will also have a "find suitable crew" search engine. The user can quickly identity and assign suitable crew to cover changes in your schedule. RAIDO offers a sophisticated send/receive messaging system to facilitate good communications with your crew and third party agencies.

RAIDO will also feature a dynamic and rule based "Event Flow Manager", (currently under development) which is completely user definable and is set up to suit your requirements. You can set up activities flow, using the RAIDO rule engine, and link it to a specific event. For more information, see "Automated".


  • Shared environment with the Commercial Planning and Flight Operations
  • Combines Flight schedule and Crew schedule in one display
  • Identify and warn for illegal/unqualified crew against pre-defined regulations.
  • Automated expiry checks
  • Crew scheduling/tracking, crew pay and disruption recovery.
  • Salary interface
  • System generated alerts/notification
  • Booking manager - air/surface transport and hotel reservations
  • Log and plan training and operational activities.
  • "Find suitable crew" search engine – irregular operations
  • Crew notification and call out
  • Event flow manager
  • Web based Crew Check-in/Out
  • Crew access - web/mobile: check and retrieve rosters, confirm notifications, vacation requests, swap requests etc.
  • Crew reports – Schedule amendment, Duty hours, Medicals, Training, Passport, and Vacation etc.
  • New flights – invite interested crew to take extra duties.
  • Sophisticated send/receive messaging system


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