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RAIDO's comprehensive Business control will be at the core of the system’s foundation. We realise that in airline management, profitability is always the bottom line. We also understand that it is essential to have strategic decision support tools, to constantly assess the operational situation as it changes and develops; not only in planning, but throughout all phases of operations.

Planning phase
In the planning phase, RAIDO’s business control will help you to evaluate: the quality of your fleet and schedule planning, cost factors in crew resource planning, passenger demand - booked and forecasted passenger figures, and overall forecast revenue.

Day of operation
Any change in your airlines business will have an impact, both operationally and financially. RAIDO's flexible decision support and system alerts will make sure that you always have very detailed information, when you need it. On the day of operations, RAIDO will help you assess the financial impact of irregular operations and adhoc flights etc, by presenting you with related fixed and variable costs, helping you to make the appropriate business choices for your operation.

RAIDO will not only consider the financial picture, but also simultaneously presents you with related operational information such as: weather minima, crew/aircraft resources.

Here are some typical examples where business control can help you. (Some of these items are still under development)

  • Network planning long/short term.
  • Fleet planning optimization (under development)
  • "What if" scenarios – with cost assessment
  • Crew management cost assessment
  • Key figures –load factor, RPK, ASK, gross margin, yield etc
  • Fixed and variable cost / forecast revenue
  • Booked and forecasted passenger figures
  • New flight – Consider profitability and break-even load factor
  • Fuel uplift cost management
  • On-time performance assessment
  • Carbon emissions
  • Turn around – evaluate delay reasons and assess financial impact


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