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RAIDO is the Airline Management System that will put you in complete control of all strategic, financial and operational business processes, through all stages of your airline operations.

Built on a financial foundation, using a flexible user definable rule engine that considers all types of calculations, RAIDO’s dynamic and tailored business logic constantly analyses and evaluates your business processes unique to your airline. Its ‘event’ driven functionality displays system alerts and task lists which are directed to specific user groups.

You will minimize costs, improve revenue and profitability, and have better control over operational change-management and productivity; giving you the edge over your competitors at all stages of airline decision management.

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R - Rule based
A - Automated
I - Integrated
D - Dynamic
O - Optimization

RAIDO will cover all aspects of airline management using one fully integrated platform/database. The functional layout and information available is driven by user log-in credentials. So whether you are a business controller, a commercial planner, a crew planner or an operations manager, you can be sure that you will always have the right set of tools needed to perform your tasks efficiently.

  • Aircraft Schedule Management
  • Aircraft Operations Control
  • Crewing Planning & Management
  • Post Production Analysis
  • Business Control (Decision support across all operational stages)

RAIDO will be available in the following platforms: Desktop (Earth), Web-browser (Cloud) and Mobile (Fire).

At Aviolinx, we have many years of experience of developing Airline Management Systems. We know our customers’ needs, and we understand our market. We work closely with aviation partners and professionals to exchange ideas and knowledge to ensure that we provide the right products and services needed to make airline business successful.

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Rule based

RAIDO flexible rule engine is at the core of all airline business processes. The rule engine will drive such processes as: financial analysis, quality control, and operational system alerts. The rule engine will be delivered with standard IATA schedule rules, standard financial key figures, and standard CAA regulations. The rule engine will be however very flexible and intuitive, enabling the user to easily build new rules and tailor existing rules. Newly created rules are tested using existing accurate data, to ensure that they work correctly before applying them to the live environment.

Calculators and rules can be set up for all kinds of data. Here are a few examples

  • Financial analysis
  • Quality control
  • Aircraft
  • Timetable
  • Crew
  • System alerts and notifications
  • Notification for non profitable flights
  • Crew legality check


Systems alerts and notifications monitored by RAIDO's rule engine can sometimes be overwhelming in a busy operational environment - especially for larger airline. RAIDO can take care of certain tasks for you automatically, giving you more time to concentrate on other jobs. The level of automation is very flexible and you decide how automation is set up to best suit your business and operational needs. Events and tasks can either be completely automated or semi-automated.

How does it work? Here are some examples

A crew member reports in sick; how do you resolve the situation?

Fully automated: (under development)
RAIDO checks for a suitable standby replacement, and chooses the candidate with the least duty hours. RAIDO sends a notification to the standby crew member, either by SMS or email, and waits for confirmation. When confirmation is received, RAIDO informs the user.

Semi automated:
RAIDO checks for suitable standby replacements and presents the user with a list of candidates. The user chooses which crew member will be assigned to the duty. The rest of the procedure is automated as described above.

Event Flow Manager (under development)

RAIDO also features a dynamic and rule based "Event Flow Manager", which is completely user definable and is set up to suit your requirements. You can set up activities flow, using the RAIDO rule engine, and link it to a specific event.

Here is an example of an event flow task which is automatically triggered when the rule you have defined is applied. Note: RAIDO will also keep track of acknowledgments and confirmations:

Scenario: A delay of more than 3 hours at a particular airport will result in event flow:

  • Send a message to order meal vouchers - Monitor the booking confirmation
  • Delay the ATC FPL.
  • Send a new ATC slot request - Monitor the slot confirmation
  • Email/SMS notification to crew - Monitor the acknowledgement
  • Notify handling agent, catering, re-fuelers - Monitor the slot confirmation
  • Notify hotel of later check-in time - Monitor the confirmation
  • Re-book ground transport Monitor the confirmation
  • Produce a report and send it to top management
  • Auto publish/send reports at designated dates/times.


RAIDO uses the latest Microsoft technology to provide a "one window" communication system for data access.

Integration interfaces with other systems, such as: revenue management/booking, maintenance, flight planning, financial systems, ensuring secure real-time data flow -supporting encrypted data when required.

Integration is compatible with various platforms and formats such as: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Excel, flat files etc. Templates for data transfer are easily created to enable RAIDO to communicate in a consistent and reliable way with other systems.


Graphical User Interface, GUI

  • Web based RAIDO uses latest web technology (.NET Framework 4.0, AJAX)
  • Desktop (WPF) RAIDO (under development) uses latest Microsoft technology (.NET Framework 4.0, Windows 7 graphics)

Flexible Report functionality

  • Reports can be generated manually on the client, or created automatically (scheduled or reacting to a event)
  • Apply user access rights on reports
  • Many export formats: e.g. PDF, XML, XLS, DOC, PNG
  • Standard reports delivered by Aviolinx; Can be configured (apply filter on, group and order data). Different users can have different configurations
  • Airline can create own reports built on business logic; Integrated designer, Set colors, fonts, bitmaps, Integrated Data picker (user can pick data that should be on report), Set formats, placement, grouping, Apply user rights

Exports and Imports

  • User can define own exports and imports
  • Connect export template and connect it to a business data
  • Drag and drop data fields and position where they should be positioned in the export/import
  • Reuse of system standard templates (MVT, ADM)
  • Supports TXT, CSV, XML, XLS formats
  • Communicated through FTP, Email, SMS, Directory, Web Services
  • Export can be generated manually on the client, or created automatically (scheduled or reacting to a event)


Traditionally, optimization has been a fragmented process where resources such as: schedule, fleet, crew pairing and crew assignment have been considered separately. Of course these processes are inter-related and they have an operational and financial impact on each other, so why not consider them as a complete business process?

RAIDO presents a new and flexible approach to create and maintain optimized processes as a complete picture, which will be customized to suit your business needs. By combining various operational resources into one process, including even fatigue management, you will get a more rationalized, integrated and cost effective solution. Of course you still have the option to optimize in the traditional way as well.

RAIDO will be built on new technology by people with vast experience in optimization. Aviolinx work in cooperation with people at: Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, KTH) in Stockholm, University College of Berkeley in California, Austrian Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines System.


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