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Stockholmradio AOCC – Who are we?

The AOCC at Stockholmradio is a H24 Ops Control Center, specialized as an outsourced center. AOCC is an acronym for: Airline Operational Control Center. We started our Operational services in 2005 as a complement to the HF radio, well-known to the aviation industry for many years.

Compelling economics

We are one of a very few who can take care of an airlines needs in OPS Control, without the airline having to spend a large sum of money for staffing and setting up their own actual center with computers, network, programs and licenses, and setting routines.

Tailor made services

Based on your needs we tailor a solution for you. Some of our customers want assistance in computing flight plans; others need full H24 OPS Control together with Crew Control. Others need a Flight Watch and Flight Following service, while yet others use us solely as a back-up to their own FLT OPS. We can give H24 or daytime + weekend control, or even only fractional times, depending on your need.

Market leading tools

Our concept has achieved great success by the formation of strong partnerships with software providers and by having the outsourcing services as our core business.

We use some of the finest software tools available today. Furthermore we are developing our own applications and software to enable us to give the best possible service to our customers.

Among our services are:

  • Operational and ATC Flight Plans with active winds
  • Flight Deck briefing packages with weather and NOTAM by email
  • H24 Crew Control
  • Flight watch and Flight Following
  • Overflight and landing permits
  • Runways slot coordination
  • Interline services and hotel accommodation
  • Schedule planning

We are also available as a partner in setting up your own OPS Control Center. We can assist your airline to launch your own OCC, and even perform service audits with recommendations for upgrades or adjusted work routines.

Where ever you are in the development of your airline, we can help to take you even higher!

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