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In today's arena of modern electronic devices, mobile phones have become an absolute essential for most professionals. Along with availability of Internet access, the convenience and portability of the mobile phone has seen it's popularity increase dramatically, and for many modern companies the mobile phone has overtaken the laptop as the electronic device which is in most demand. ‘Airpug’ is a mobile phone solution geared specifically to maximise the effectiveness of communication within the airline business. With employees spread over many locations all around the world and with information constantly changing, fast and effective communication is of the utmost importance for the airline business.

What can Airpug do for us?

Airpug covers the vast majority of an airline’s operational needs, such as pre and post flight briefing, published rosters, roster changes, flight information, request modules, messaging, dynamic reporting to mention but a few.

Airpug has been developed not just to benefit crew members however, as its many functions offer great improvement to other key figures of the business including managers, planning staff and airport facility staff (catering, cleaning, engineering, dispatch etc).

Key users / managers can be given the facility to view graphical displays of the operation as it unfolds, run numerous dynamic reports, search for individual crewmembers etc.

Ground facility managers can plan their day / week ahead by viewing the operation and timetable and inputting their specific events / requirements.

The Airpug design team have drawn on their wealth of knowledge and many years experience in the airline business and totally understand the realm of business critical data.

We truly believe our product can revolutionise the way you do business and the vast improvements in efficiency and consequently cost savings will soon speak for themselves.

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