Welcome to Aviolinx

Aviolinx provides software, communications and services to the airline industry.

Software - Our focus is on developing innovative products and services designed specifically for the airline industry to optimize processes, reduce cost and increase revenue. Our flag ship product, RAIDO, is an Airline Management System that puts you in complete operational control of all strategic, financial and operations business processes throughout all stages of your airline operations including: Commercial planning, Flight operations, Crewing and post production analysis.

Communications - StockholmRadio has provided a long range HF radio communication service to aviators since the 1960’s. Using remote-controlled, high-powered transmitters/ receivers with various directional antennas, StockholmRadio is available 24 hours day and 365 days a year.

Services - our Airline Operational Control Center (AOCC) specializes in outsourcing operations services to airlines and aviators 24 hours day and 365 days a year. Our services include: Flight Dispatch, Weather Briefings, over-flight/landing permits, Flight Watch, Daily Crewing, Slot Management, and Sub-Chartering requests.

AVIOLINX · P.O Box 1242 · 131 28 Nacka Strand, Sweden · +46 (0)8 601 79 00 · info@aviolinx.com